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About Me

     Since I was young, Frida Kahlo was and continues to be an inspiration to me. Frida, we're on a first name basis, started me on my journey to exploring the dynamic world of art. Her fearlessness to paint how she felt when she felt it is something I still strive for today. 
    I studied at Kendall College of Art & Design where I graduated in 2012 with honors.  I push the limits of my designs at my current job with Advance Central where I create web and print ads.  Asking not only of myself but of my fellow team members to push the boundaries and always search for something new and exciting! "We've never done that" is a phrase I love to hear as it means we aren’t getting complacent and we are pushing ourselves to learn and grow in an ever changing market.   
    Whether I create graphic design or fun fan art for my instagram, Frida Kahlo and her strength are never far away.

Tel: (269) 270-6878

On a more personal note I have 3 dogs that I just adore & have an Instagram account where I showcase my latest crafty creations. 

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